Plantbase is an impact investment fund founded by Willem Blom.

We accelerate start-ups with groundbreaking technologies
to create an animal-free
supply chain.


Our current portfolio consists of the following companies

  • Veganz
  • Meatable
  • This
  • Heura
  • Livia's
  • Mighty Pea
  • Better Nature
  • Mycorena
  • Vanilla Bean
  • AllPlants
  • Little Bandits
  • Mission Barns
  • Avant Meats
  • Live Kindly
  • Natulatte
  • Just
  • Apres
  • Purezza


We partner with the following initiatives

  • Kale United
  • Glass Wall Syndicate
  • Mile High Vegan Network
  • Vegan Entrepreneurs Network


If you have a business plan you'd like to share with us, please don't hesitate to send an email to